Primal Foundations

Praise for Luca

Deepening Attention Program

“Luca helped me access a subtle awareness of my physical sensations and environment, as well as a gentle noticing of how my intentions shape my perception. Very insightful!
Part of the practice was to share with the group what we perceived during the exercises. This would awaken many insecurities for me. Yet Luca’s contagious curiosity eased me in the process of articulating in words the intimate mechanisms of my mind. I noticed my capacity to share from a genuine place of experimentation increase meaningfully.
I strongly recommend working with Luca as an empowering and sincere guiding presence.”

- Abbygaelle Devriese

"Luca’s guidance brought our group into a new realm of interface with our senses and the realness of the embodied world around us. What really stood out to me was the smell session when we focused our attention on different smells and let emotions, associations, and insights emerge. What Luca does best is help you pick up the crumbs left from your everyday life and weave them into a more detailed, present, and profound mode of existence."

- Cameron Najafi

“The program so far has been a journey into new lands: New sights, new smells, new ways of holding stuff in my awareness, new ways of playing with my lenses on my own experience. And then new eyes to look back at life with, and laugh.”

- Tildy Stokes

Decision Coaching

“It’s like you are constantly living in your own mental house of mirrors and Luca is there to help you recognize how the curvature of each piece of glass distorts your view.”

- Andrew Zuckerman

”Luca’s techniques provided a structure that allowed me to listen to the wisest of my gut intuitions.”

- Sam Bernstein

“Luca has a novel approach to shedding light on the intangible. The unmeasurable aspects that usually make decisions difficult were simplified by Luca’s ability to inspire an intuitively driven thought process.”

- Ari B.

Contact Improv Workshops

“Luca created a safe container where we were able to learn foundational skills for contact improv, exercise them with others, and play with our unique expression of these skills without pressure or judgement. I love how he bridged the experience of the dance with metaphors for a deeper understanding of ourselves and our interpersonal interactions in daily life. 10/10 would recommend!”

- Jewel Childress

“Luca’s workshops are comfortable and safe containers for all levels of skill and knowledge…Luca is a gem!”

- Ali Hernandez

“Luca has a gentle and fun approach to teaching contact improv…”

- Sebastian Elcano

“Luca is genuine and caring…”

- James Haberthur

University teaching

“Professor Rade’s teaching was very clear and easy to follow. Everything we learned was connected.”

- Anonymous student feedback

“The instructor for this class was one of the best and his way of teaching was nice. He explained everything nicely and helped students with things they didn’t quite understand.”

- Anonymous student feedback