Primal Foundations

From the moment we were born, we were trained to forget about the lush fullness of our embodied conscious experience. 

We were trained to focus all our attention on the disembodied construct of our ego. 

We were trained to live obediently in the disembodied and illusory collective reality, forgetting our own divine and primal nature.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

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We are children of evolution. 

Billions of years of an intelligence alien to us is embedded in every breath. 

Life’s deep desire to create new life lives in our cells, our muscles, our hearts, and our minds, raw and potent. 

Joy and love await in the experience of these forces within us.


When we melt the cognitive mirage in which the universe is everything outside us, we are born back into Embodiment:

the experience of the unfathomably rich and enormous world inside us.

Primal Awakening Retreat

2-day weekend retreat of embodied and relational awakening experiences.

I create containers and provide energetic stimuli for the awakening of your primal and divine energy. Each person will have a different experience, and different facets of their primal and divine energy will be activated, transmuted, loosened, or grieved.

This will be a living moment in your journey, coming together with other souls for a potent immersion.

I’m here with you as a fellow human creature, lustful and longing together with you for that which we all, deep in our bones and with a passion so much deeper and more ancient than us, long for above all else: the namelessness of pure, primal Being.

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Energies we’ll explore:

Attunement to embodied evolution-force

Reclaiming embodied self-myth

Resensualizing language

Dissolving our face

Reconnection with the elements


Primal prayer

Next Retreat:

Late Summer 2024

About Luca Rade

My senior year of college at Princeton, I took a dance course called “Uncertainty” on a whim.

It changed my life. It was my first exposure to a different way of being, one that was embodied, open-hearted, explorative, and connected to the profundity of the present moment.

After graduating, I embarked on a path of discovery and transformation which brought me in touch with Contact Improv, Bodymind Centering, Qi Gong, Yoga Nidra, Authentic Relating, Embodied Poetry, Non-Violent Communication, Grief Rituals, Contemporary Dance, Intuitive Massage, Rewilding, and my own primal life force.

Over the years, with the assistance of guides, healers, teachers, and friends, I gradually flowed out of the disembodiment, disconnection from nature, and entrapment in an illusory collective reality I had once lived in. I came to feel a level of authenticity, presence, aligned energy, and aliveness I had no idea was possible.

Now, as I continue evolving deeper into this way of being, I help others find and follow a similar path.

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